Our strippers are too hot

How one customer thought Jenna & Iris were fake, he was wrong

Last Saturday, our sexy strippers Jenna & Iris had an early 7 pm party in Mount Snow, Vermont. I received a call from a party in Killington. I told the customer we could get there a little later in the evening. The customer booked, I sent him videos of Jenna & Iris. His reply was funny, asking if this was a scam and if they were really showing up.

So I texted Jenna to take a quick video, saying hello to the customer, this would prove my dancers are real.  Here is the video

This customer probably has booked parties with other agencies, probably Massachusetts agencies, who bait and switch. My dancers were already in Vermont, to tell the customer this then switching? sounds ridiculous. What do the other companies say when the show up with different girls? Someone didn’t show up? These girls were already 1:45 away.

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