Update for March 31, 2021

Mount Snow strippers new pics, videos & reviews

As March ends, we head into April tomorrow. April Fools, and MLB baseball. The ski areas of Vermont are booming. If you are heading to Mount Snow, and need strippers, we have you covered. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. We cover all of New England, except the upper reaches of Maine, Maine is way too big, lol.

Here are some new reviews

Party review
Party review
Party review
Party review

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Booking strippers since 1992

I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. Registered my first domain in 1995. I use to advertise in the yellow pages. I remember talking to the salesman for the phone book and telling him the internet will take over advertising. I went from large ads mid 90s down to just a listing by 1999. Thanks to web archive I can see my first site. I sold the domain later, once I had secured my primary site, VIP Strippers

Since I’m reminiscing lets see some pictures from the past.

mount snow stripper

Ava was our blonde 18 year old, she helped recruit lots of strippers from New Hampshire. She left maybe 3 years ago? maybe 4? to enter the porn world. She is now Kenzie Reeves. I wish her well.

Jordan, maybe 15 years ago? I’ve always stressed booking the hottest strippers. Good looking girls with good bodies. No junk boxes, no obese dancers.

A pic of Jordan from the strip club locker room.

Here’s a pic stich graphic I made maybe 8 to 10 years ago? Adrianna, Kiley, Taylor & Riley,

Here’s Alexis, she was hottest stripper with my agency, this is from 2013.

Mount Snow Strippers
Alexis and Holly

Another blast from the past. circa 2014 I guess. Just think, pre-filters. It drives me nuts the amount of filtering the new generation does. Ladies you are beautiful, you are young and attractive you don’t have adjust your features to look good.

Well have a great April. If you need strippers, we have you covered

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