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As we settle into 2019, the ski season at Mount Snow is going great. If you are heading to Mount Snow and need strippers for a party please call us, 802-342-4295 I’ve been booking strippers since 1992.

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The #welovesnow Mount Snow mentions on their Instagram page, has a lot of non Mount Snow posts. Maybe they need a new hashtag?

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Looks like Mount will be getting some snow tomorrow. If you are heading to the Dover, Vermont area, drive safe.

When you call 802-342-4295 for Mount snow strippers you’ll speak to me. My name is Meni Troupakis, I am the President of VIP Entertainment Inc. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. That’s a long time. That is pre-internet. I see commercials for the Nat Geo show, Valley of the Boom. Well I used Netscape Navigator, while using Trumpet Winsock to dial up the internet in 1995. I got my first website up late 1995. I featured 2 strippers on the site, Annie and Taylor. Annie was a stripper from Canada who I met at a strip club in Massachusetts. While Taylor was from Massachusetts with no experience dancing. Thanks to web archive I can see see the old web sites.
For my entire existence booking strippers, I never posted fake pictures on any of my sites. My goal when I was started VIP was having the best strippers in New England. So when you are searching for Mount Snow strippers consider my agency. I feature all real dancers on my page. The strippers who work for VIP Entertainment Inc.

When searing for Mount Snow strippers please be aware of companies featuring fake dancers. I see it on every website. Some customers don’t seem to care. OK well if you don’t care who shows up. Good Luck with your party. When I book a party, the party is a success and the customers leave great reviews. Like this one from Hunter NY last week
Bachelor party review from Hunter, NY

Have a great Tuesday. Hope we can work with you.