Mount Snow opens in 80 days

Mount Snow opens November 17, 2018

If you believe the Farmer’s Almanac, we’ll have a cold white winter here in New England.
Farmer's Almanac

If you are heading up to Mount Snow this winter, and need Mount Snow strippers call 802-342-4295 We feature the actual dancers on all our sites.
Here are some recent pictures for your to enjoy, even some gifs.
Nicole, stripper available from VIP Entertainment Inc.
Vanessa and Mona
Vanessa and Nicole, strippers available from VIP Entertainment Inc.

How about some gifs

No other agency that covers Mount Snow, gives you real photos of all their girls. Recent photos. Some pics on competitor sites are 8 years old. I’m clearing anything prior to this Summer in my dancer pics folder. These pics you see are from August, 2018. I don’t know how to say it any other way, I book real girls.
Here’s Mila

We are VIP Strippers, I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. We cover all of New England. I strive to make sure we have the best lineup. You get the best party. You will be the hero of your group, because you booked your party with us. When our smoke show strippers show up, put on a fun, energetic, sexy show, you will feel like a million bucks.

So if you are heading to Mount Snow, which is West Dover, Vermont or Wilmington, Vermont, maybe Winhall, Vermont. We get calls for Manchester, Vermont parties.
Our drivers bring everything, ones for change, music, our drivers are great they get mentioned in our reviews, here’s a review from Saturday, Cory drove.
party review
You don’t want to book a party, then girls you have never seen in your life, show up instead of the ones you saw on some web page, add to that a bouncer who acts like he’s protecting the President. With no sense of humor. Hell my driver Tony does stand up in Boston.

Call 802-342-4295 book Mount Snow Strippers from VIP Entertainment Inc.