February 2018 Update

Pics, Video, News update from Mount Snow strippers

Here we are, President’s Day Weekend. #SAFTB right? Smitty beat Chef on Rough N Rowdy, I saw the fight on Twitch. lol.
Snow expected tonight in New England, we’re covering shows in Vermont and New Hampshire so far tonight. If you are looking to book Mount Snow strippers call 802-342-4295 I’ll answer the phone, my name is Meni Troupakis. I’ll book your party.

Taylor and Mila great great reviews, look great, and put on a great show.
bachelor party review
Bachelor party review
Those 2 reviews are from the same weekend. No other local stripper agency is posted reviews from this month on any site, or social media.
Speaking of local, I’ve noticed nationwide agencies pretending to be in New England, you can always spot them with their blatantly fake dancer pics.
Also, an agent with real dancers, with real schedules. Will not have….
How to Order:
1. Select Your Dancer.
2. Click ‘Add to Cart’.
3. Checkout!
As if every girl is available for anytime. Just add to cart? What? If you call me, I first check the schedule, if you want Vanessa and Mona, I’ll see if they are pre-booked and where they are pre-booked.
Calling a company like that, just means, he will take his cut, probably over $200, and tell a local agency to cover the party, so the girls you choose on the site, aren’t the girls showing up. And you are paying 2 commissions, maybe even 3. I’ve had instances where the local agency has no dancers, so he gets show info from company claiming to book all over the US, and he takes a cut and eventually I actually do the party. Avoid that, just call me directly. Call 802-342-4295
Speaking of Vanessa and Mona
Mount snow strippers Vanessa and Mona