Reggaefest Mount Snow

Bud Light Reggaefest

Mount Snow this weekend has the Bud Light Reggaefest

(Source) Bud Light Reggaefest returns to Mount Snow for a weekend of fantastic live Reggae music! Featuring great performances at the Snow Barn as well as a party out in the Base Area Saturday and Sunday. Plus check out our annual Sink or Skim Pond Skimming competition on Saturday and the Duct Tape Derby on Sunday.
There is a Day Stage, which is Free admission in the main base areas, The schedule is.
Saturday, March 25
12 p.m. Opening: The Elovaters / 1:15 p.m. Support: Alchemystics / 3 p.m. Headliner: Fishbone
Sunday, March 26
12 p.m. Opening: Sensamotion / 1:15 p.m. Support: Roots of Creation / 3 p.m. Headliner: Anthony B
While in the evening the music moves inside, at the Snow Barn.
Friday, March 24
9 p.m. Opening: Rebel Alliance / 10:30 p.m. Headliner: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
Saturday, March 25
9 p.m. Opening: The Big Takeover / 10:30 p.m. Headliner: John Brown’s Body

Let’s check out some music from the bands.

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I guess for my personal tastes, I like this type of reggae, the master B radio on GTA 4

But of course as a GTA player, and thus a GTA music fan, Blue Ark FM on GTA 5

some lyrics from the first song…
The youth them just a dress up in a white collar shirt
And some of them wear it till it resemble dirt
He said he want me to join the army
I ain’t gonna do it officer
No way. I ain’t gonna do it
Turn out your left pocket
A searching for a Colt automatic
A searching if you have any ratchet
He said what is your number? I didn’t answer
What is your number? I still don’t answer
What is the number boy? I really don’t answer
Him crank up him chopper. Mi momma!
Then me started to answer
Guess wha’ me say?
64, 46, BMW!
64, 46, dat a be BMW! Lord!
He say give it to me one time!
Give it to me two time!
Give it to me three time! Lord!

It name
Nobody move, nobody get hurt
Nobody move, nobody get hurt

Have fun at the Reggaefest, and book your party soon