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Mount Snow strippers party review from last evening

Booked Ava & Mila yesterday for a party last night in Mount Snow Vermont. The girls were on time, danced 3 hours. Everyone had a blast. It was a great time for the customers, girls, and my driver. That’s something not mentioned often about parties, you don’t want an asshole driver. I’ve heard from lots of customers, how the other agencies have thugs, pimps, who show up with the dancers. My drivers actually get mentioned in a lot of our reviews for being good guys, very personable.
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Mount snow strippers

Call 802-342-4295 to book the best strippers in Mount Snow. VIP Entertainment Inc, serving all of New England.
Mount Snow strippers
Mount Snow strippers from VIP Entertainment, giving you the best party experience. Customers expecting 5s, because of Boston agencies that book tons of shows, with free toy shows, but the girls are lacking in quality.

This season, the ski conditions are awesome. Winter came earlier this year. All the ski areas are running full throttle. The phones are busy here. Got a call today, someone thought we were a strip club. Nope, if you are in Mount Snow, the closest strip clubs are in Mass. Bring the strippers to you, call us.

We are training a new dancer this weekend, a smokeshow blonde who is friends with 2 of my current dancers. As it says in the Bible, “strippers begat strippers”, lol. Hot chicks know hot chicks, so once one starts dancing, she refers her friend, who refers her friend. That’s how the new girl came to my agency. Ava brought in Mila, Mila brought in the new girl. I’ll be talking to her today about her limits on website and blog photos. I hope she allows me to show her face, she is gorgeous, another girl who modeled a bit. Lot’s of photographers contact my strippers about modeling. I do ask the girls, where would the photos appear. Most girls just get excited to be asked to model. The reality is these photos never end up in a magazine, or popular website, they end up jerk material for a few paying customers I assume. Well enough of me venting, lol. Have a nice day.