Mount Snow stripper pics & video

Mount Snow strippers roster pics

We don’t bait switch, nor post fake pictures of strippers, These are the real strippers who work for VIP Entertainment Inc., every weekend.
Here comes a lot of pics, in no special order, each picture is watermarked with the dancer’s name at the top. Page updated 1/14/2021
To book the best Mount Snow strippers call 802-342-4295
Mount Snow strippers

Mount Snow strippers
Mount Snow strippers

Mount Snow strippers

Mount Snow strippers

Mount snow striper


stripper pics

I hope you enjoy the pics, this page is being created July 16, 2018, and will be updated frequently with new pics and video. We are always looking to hire more strippers who can improve the agency. We are very busy, my strict hiring process means we have 8 to 10 strippers, while we could have enough parties for 16. If you are thinking about dancing with my agency we have a form here you can apply.
If you are heading to Mount Snow and need strippers for your party. You can rest assured, booking with us, we are going to show up. Don’t book with a Boston agency that might end up calling you saying they are stuck in traffic. Stuck in traffic on a Saturday night in Vermont???? That agency probably booked your party, and had no intention on showing up at Mount Snow. By the time you realize they are not coming, it’s midnight and no other agency and get there. If we are not in the area with strippers, we can’t help you that late.
I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. I’m President of VIP Entertainment Inc. Call 802-342-4295 to book real strippers for your party.
If you notice our pics, you see the girls posing with each other. No other agency does this, well not agency with real girls. My dancers have their names on their pics. Not Dancer 1, Dancer 2.
I want to mention, don’t fall for a nationwide agency, all that company does is sub contract the show to someone like me. If you book with them, you pay them a $200 show fee on the phone with your credit cards, then pay us when we show up our show fee. Call me directly please.