Bury the competition, new pics of Vanessa and Nicole

Mohegan Sun strippers burying the competition

This past weekend, Mohegan Suns strippers Vanessa and Nicole took pics before dancing at a bachelor party. These 2 photogenic smokeshows just killed any competition from the other agencies. No only are the hot, they are real. Not fake internet pics. Here, next time you see a hot stripper pic on a site, wonder why there is only 1 pic of the girl. That’s a clue to being a legit, trust me, girls these days take hundreds of pics a week. Also save the image, and then upload to Google Image Search Click the camera and either paste the url of the image or upload it. Then when you see results from all over the web, you realize the pic is fake.
So let’s start the funeral for my competition.

Mount Snow Strippers

Ok, two hot blondes, you see that everyday on instagram…

Mount Snow Strippers

Oh, another pic of them, same day, they do look hot.

Mount Snow Strippers

Here’s a solo picture, from Vanessa.

Mount Snow Strippers

Nicole stepping up with her own solo pic.

Mount Snow Strippers

The girls showing their back side. Shoulder to waist to hip ratio is optimal.

Mount Snow Strippers

Another selfie, this time Nicole on the left.

Bachelor party review

Bachelor party review of the girls, a Killington party.

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